Can the wrong shampoo cause hair loss?

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The reasons for hair shedding are as varied and individual as the people themselves. But can the wrong shampoo cause hair loss?

A certain amount of hair falling out during the day is completely normal. This is because not all hairs are in the same stage of growth at the same time. Some are growing, some are resting and, well, some hairs are falling out because they have reached the end of their life cycle. Up to 100 lost hairs per day can be attributed to this fact.

If you lose more than this amount, don’t panic! There are many possible reasons why your hair is falling out. Not all hair loss is permanent.

For some, genes cause their hair to thin more and more. This is what we call androgenetic alopecia. For others, it is malnutrition or the use of medication that causes hair strands to break off.

Even one’s immune system or hormonal issues may well be the culprit when circular bald patches suddenly appear among healthy hair, as is the case with alopecia areata and thyroid hair loss. Bad hair care and styling products can lead to strained hair, greasy roots, or even traction alopecia.

Hair loss due to the wrong shampoo

Women in particular tend to shampoo and style their hair with hair products frequently. They also like to have beautiful colored hair. Shampooing your hair roughens the outer layer of the hair and makes it brittle. Know more about Female pattern hair loss.

Especially shampoos with silicones and so-called cleansing shampoos can cause the hair to dry out and break off. In addition, frequent hair washing with hot water ruins the PH value of the scalp and hair and removes the natural oils from it.

Paradoxically, this causes oily hair because after having been stripped from its oils, the scalp overcompensates for the loss by producing a lot of new oil.

If you treat your hair with a hairdryer, straightener, or curling iron after shampooing and do not use heat protection, hair breakage is almost guaranteed. In the process, the hair can break off so much that it looks like excessive hair loss. With colored hair, it is even more pronounced.

Which shampoo ingredients are harmful?


Parabens are present in many shampoos available over the counter. Simply because they are quite cheap to produce. Parabens are preservatives that are supposed to protect our shampoo from mold, for example.

But there is a flip side to the coin because this ingredient is suspected of being carcinogenic. It can also mess with our hormones, which can lead to hair falling in some cases. In addition, the ingredient is said to release toxins into our bodies.


We have already mentioned silicones above. They ensure that our hair looks smooth and shiny. Which sounds great at first, because who likes dull hair?

At the same time, however, silicones wrap themselves around the hair like a coat and ensure that the hair root can no longer be sufficiently supplied with minerals. Thus, the hair practically dries out from the inside.


Who doesn’t love it when shampoo starts to foam? Responsible for this are sulfates, which have a cleansing and foaming effect. In most shampoos, you will find the substances Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

Isopropyl alcohol

As soon as you read this ingredient on a shampoo bottle, you better put it back on the shelf and take flight. It dries out your hair, making it brittle. Isopropyl alcohol is also used, for example, in paints or antifreeze.

Shampoo and conditioner from the natural cosmetics department or dry shampoo are a good alternative if you want to care for your hair gently.

Hair loss due to hair coloring

Coloring one’s hair is part of the beauty routine for many people, especially women. Either because they feel like changing their natural hair color or because they want to cover the first gray strands.

But hair dyeing can damage the hair structure, which can negatively affect hair growth, especially if the colors contain substances such as ammonia or oxidants.

In addition, the ingredients can irritate the scalp in such a way that the hair roots are less well supplied with nutrients. This can also result in increased hair loss.

Hair loss because of strict hairstyles

Strict hairstyles, i.e. tightly tied-back hair, are all the rage. But what is stylish is not always good for the hair.

The constant pulling of the hair puts extreme strain on the hair roots. The result can be so-called traction alopecia, in which the hair follicles are permanently and irreparably damaged. Bald patches remain, for example at the temples or the hairline.

In the case of irreparable traction alopecia, circular hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia, a hair transplant in Panvel can help, as performed at the Demaplast Clinic. 

Bald patches are restored using the most modern and, above all, gentle methods and techniques. A hair analysis to determine the form of hair loss and help with the choice of treatment is free of charge.

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