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Low light laser therapy in panvel at dermaplast cliinic

Low light laser therapy. Are you experiencing hair loss?

Hair loss is a common problem faced by both males and females living in Panvel & Navi Mumbai

Hair loss is not just the loss of hair! It is also the loss of confidence and self-esteem. But one can regain their hair as well as their confidence and self-esteem by visiting the best hair transplant clinic in Panvel

It provides effective hair loss treatments such as follows-

  • Hair transplant treatment
  • PRP treatment
  • Mesotherapy
  • Low light laser therapy (LLLT)

This article talks about low-light laser therapy which is commonly referred to as LLLT.

What is low light laser therapy?

Low light laser therapy is a non-surgical hair loss treatment. It uses laser light to promote cell growth and regenerate hair follicles. The best hair transplant surgeon in Panvel advises using this treatment along with other hair loss treatments such as hair transplant, PRP, mesotherapy, etc. to get the best results.

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Low light laser therapy is an effective treatment to treat the problem of hair loss. It provides a variety of benefits such as follows-

  • LLLT helps increase the volume and appearance of hair
  • It leads to the growth of thicker and healthier hair
  • The treatment has no side-effects
  • It is a painless and smooth hair loss treatment
  • It helps treat androgenetic alopecia, which is one of the major causes of hair loss.
  • Low-light laser therapy also helps treat alopecia caused due to drug use, chemotherapy, pregnancy, etc.

After reading the benefits of low-light laser therapy, you would have made up your mind to try out this effective hair loss treatment, wouldn’t it?

As you have made up your mind about LLLT, you would be interested to know the procedure of LLLT!

Read below to find out how low-light laser therapy works.

How does low light laser therapy work?

Laser photons of a specific wavelength are produced in this treatment, which is absorbed by hair follicles. This light assists in the transition of hair follicles from the telogen (dormant) to anagen (growth) stage. It accomplishes this in a variety of ways.

-By stimulating hair follicle regeneration stem cells, which increases hair regrowth.

-By regulating the hair follicles’ metabolic mechanism.

– By increasing blood flow to the targeted location of the scalp, more oxygen, nutrients and supplies are delivered to this area.

How effective is low light laser therapy?

low light laser therapy is particularly effective in treating weak and thin hair follicles. It aids in the thickening and strengthening of your hair. At least 85 percent of the patients were able to maintain their condition, and roughly 55 percent of them experienced fresh hair growth.

Some claim it only works in places where hair follicles are still present, while others claim it only works on “live” hair follicles and ignores hair follicles that are dead.

As a result, it is critical to begin LLLT at the earliest to attain the best effects. It’s particularly effective in the early phases of hair loss when miniaturization begins.

When LLLT is used in conjunction with other hair loss therapies, it has a greater impact than when used alone.

The therapy’s first outcomes are usually visible by the 2nd month.

Hair loss will resume if you discontinue the treatment. LLLT is effective when you follow the treatment plan.

What is the cost of low-light laser therapy in Panvel?

You need not worry about the cost of low-light laser therapy in Panvel. You can get high-quality and cost-effective treatment at the best hair transplant clinic in Panvel!


Hair loss is one of the major problems faced by the residents of Panvel. But there is a solution for every problem including the problem of hair loss. And one of the effective solutions to treat the problem of hair loss is low-light laser therapy. It is a very beneficial treatment to treat the problem of hair loss. This treatment will not only help you grow your hair but will also help grow your confidence and pride! After all, aren’t healthy and thick hair a source of pride? Don’t they boost our confidence and enhance our beauty?

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit the best hair transplant surgeon in Panvel & Navi Mumbai now to treat the problem of hair loss and get thick and healthy hair by doing low-light laser treatment!

It is now time to live life with pride and confidence and not with embarrassment!

It is now time to enhance your beauty and look the best version of yourself!

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